Senator O’Connor 50th Anniversary Reunion

Bummed you Missed the Senator O’Connor 50th Anniversary Reunion?

Don’t worry about it!  Isbertophoto Wedding Co. was there for you, capturing the laughs, the smiles and the free drinks on your behalf at the Senator O’Connor 50th Anniversary reunion!  Kicking off an historical 50 years of educational goodness, the great folks at Senator O’Connor College school (OCS) threw at 50th anniversary reunion, welcoming all previous graduates to come back to see the new facilities and re-live their glory days.

There was live music performed by the school choir, student bands and even singers belting out the all time favs from each decade.

Most Memorable Moment

As it turns out, Senator O’Connor College School boasts some famous Alumni.  Imagine my surprise when…

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Top 7 Most Memorable Moments of 2012

2013 is ramping to be a big year for Isbertophoto Wedding Co.  I just went through a big rebrand, changing my logo and website to reflect my evolving style.  I’m feeling very positive about 2013!  However, with another season come and gone the new year is also a great time to reflect on how I lived my life…er photo life in 2012.

So in no particular order, here are my top 7 most memorable moments of 2012.

1. Photographing a Couple in their Underwear

“I’m going to put on a thong, is that ok?” said the would be bride to my female assistant and I…

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My Vancouver Wedding Proposal

A Vancouver Wedding Proposal for a Toronto Couple

Well I finally had my very own proposal moment with the love of my life in the city of Vancouver.  A few weeks before our trip, I asked a good friend living in the city, what she thought were the best views in Vancouver for a proposal.  So I had the ring, had the view (A Breathing Vancouver Scenic view from Queen Elizabeth Park) and it was every thing I hoped for!  It was filled with laughter, smiles & tears…and oh… 15 asian tourists.  Ok, so maybe the 15 asian tourists were not originally how I envisioned it but I digress…

How’d we get here?

Although we live and work in Toronto, Thi (my fiancée) and I fell in love while dating in Vancouver.  So I opted for a Vancouver wedding proposal.  After all, much of Thi’s family were still living in BC so it would be awesome to be able to announce…

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