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Veronica & John’s Wedding

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Peach Berserk Featured

Peach Berserk – A Silk Screening Toronto Workshop

A Sunday Surprise – Silk Screening with Peach Berserk

Looking for a fun activity to do with my future “Mrs.” I signed us up for a 8 hour “Silk Screening” workshop by Peach Berserk.  My fiancée is absolutely mad crazy about anything creative or craft related so I thought it might be a fun surprise for her.  I on the other hand am traditionally a train wreck in the craft arena… so this was gonna be one heck of a ride. Who is Peach Berserk you ask?  They’re a Toronto based…

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Flag nor Fail Logo

Flag Nor Fail – Thank you for the inspiration!

Flag Nor Fail – No surrender. No Failure. No mass production.

I’m an advocate for small business and home grown products so when I started hearing about Flag Nor Fail and their dedication to limited run, hand made clothing and accessories, it really caught my attention.

What’s so amazing about them?  Well aside from producing unique urban apparel, husband and wife team Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey are incredibly fun and engaging personalities.  Their video blogs chronicle their journey from a small shirt company working out of their garage to moving into their very own warehouse just last month.

Why they inspire me as a small business owner

  • They know how to do social media right

    • Rob Bailey is the king of social media.  He’s regularly active on their facebook fan page, chatting with fans on twitter and even doing live video feeds to answer questions.

  • They care about producing quality over profits

    • Despite regularly selling out their products and growing their facebook fan base to over 55,000 followers they continue to focus on limited run, hand made clothing rather than opting to off-shore and mass produce for greater profits.

  • They are a small business success story

    • They are living proof that if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything that you can conceive

My First Piece of Flag Nor Fail

I’ve been wanting to order some gear from them for awhile now.  Except they are so popular that they are frequently out of stock or out of my size.

My first attempt to order from them was a fail.  The entire run of 300 units sold out in under…

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